Javys, a.s.

Quality Management System

JAVYS utilizes the Integrated Management System (ISM), which incorporates:

  • quality management system (STN EN ISO 9001:2009),
  • environmental management system (STN EN ISO 14001:2005),
  • workplace safety and health protection management system (STN OHSAS 18001:2009),
  • IT services management system (STN ISO/IEC 20000-1:2014) 

This is a management system, which defines the position, tasks competences, responsibilities and corresponding authority for every employee. It is derived from the policies approved by the company management and from the organizational structure of the company:

  • Integrated management system policy (quality policy, environmental policy, workplace safety and health protection policy, IT services and technologies policy, information security policy)
  • Nuclear safety and radiation protection policy
  • Security policy
  • Employee training policy

It is based on the principles of process management. It is composed of processes vital for fulfilling the mission of the company.

Top level processes are divided into three groups as follows:

  • ISM management processes > process framework for keeping the company consolidated and controllable.
  • Main ISM processes > processes created for the fulfillment of the company’s mission. These include, above all, safety processes that secure the fulfillment of the company’s mission in the aspect of meeting the requirements of the legislation of the Slovak Republic.
  • Supporting ISM processes > these are not directly defined requirements for Quality Management System (SMK) standards, but they significantly influence the working and management of the company.

The ISM is continuously and systematically tested and continuously evaluated through internal ISM auditing, to maintain a state where all ISM processes of the company had been checked at least once within the past three years. Supplier SMK audits, which include all the company’s suppliers of material, work and services for any of the nuclear facilities that are important from the perspective of nuclear safety and radiation protection,  take place, the importance of the supplier for JAVYS being a factor. Last but not least, third party audits (certification, re-certification and periodic supervisory audits) take place. These audits focus on the corresponding management system.