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Main power transformers

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Main power transformers

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The main power transformers T1 (T2, T3, T4) served for power transmission of main generators G1 (G2,G3,G4) to the network. They provided transforming of applied voltage of generators to the network voltage. They were of same construction, external, three-phase, with oil cooling and supplementary air cooling. Their performance parameters were as follows:

  • output 250 MVA
  • voltage, primary side: 220 kV
  • voltage, secondary side: 15,75 kV

Transformers were connected on their primary side by encased conductors from generator on primary side through an overhead line to the r220 kV switchyard.
After shutdown of V1 NPP Units in 2006, or 2008, the main transformers became unnecessary and they were sold in a tender and dismantled in 2011.

V1 NPP Turbine Hall (View of main power transformer during the operation)
V1 NPP Turbine Hall (State after transformers dismantling)