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Step-down transformers


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Step-down transformers

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Step-down transformers T11 (T12, T13, T14) were dedicated for internal consumption power supply of units. They were of same construction – three-phase, three-winding, oil, regulation transformers of external layout with the following parameters:.

  • output 25 MVA
  • voltage, primary side: 15,75 kV
  • voltage, secondary side: 6,3 kV

Transformers were connected on their primary side by encased conductors from generator, on the secondary side by encased conductors to the switchyards of internal consumption of a unit.
After the shutdown of V1 NPP Units in 2006, or 2008, the step-down transformers became unnecessary; they were sold in a tender and dismantled in 2012.


View of step-down transformer before dismantling works
State after transformers dismantling