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Switchyard Station r220 kV

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Switchyard Station r220 kV

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Switchyards r220 kV of Unit 1 and 2 served for power transmission of reactor units to the power distribution system. In a switchyard station, there was equipment and devices serving for:

  • transmission of power from main generators through the main transformer  to the distribution system by means of lines V074 and V075 to the r220 kV Križovany switchyard
  • protection of equipment (complexes of measuring and protections)
  • provision of safe disconnection and earthing if necessary

After shutdown of V1 NPP Units in 2006, or 2008, the r220 kV switchyard became unnecessary. A part of the switchyard had to be dismantled also due to implementation of the project A5A2. Based on these reasons, the equipment of the r220 kV switchyard was sold in a tender and dismantled in 2012.

Switchyard r220 kV before dismantling works
Switchyard r220 kV after dismantling works