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Dismantling of Reactor Coolant System Large Components


Project identification: D4.2

Project name

Dismantling of Reactor Coolant System Large Components

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Objectives: the pre-dismantling decontamination, dismantling, fragmentation, sorting of materials, packaging of material in the applicable containers, and transport of materials and containers,  for the large components that are part of the reactor coolant system and other components included in the hermetic zone, in reactor hall and in the spent fuel pool of both V1 NPP units, as well as all other related activities as described in detail in section 2 of this Technical Specification.
More specifically, following large components and structures are included in the scope of  dismantling and fragmentation of this Project:
• V230 reactor - 2 pieces, consisting of the following:
   - Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV)
   - Reactor Vessel Head (RVH)
   - RVH Upper Block
   - Reactor Shaft Protection Lid (RSPL)
   - Protective Tubes Unit (PTU)
   - Core Basket
   - Barrel (reactor cavity)
   - Barrel Bottom (cavity bottom)
   - Reactor Shielding Assemblies (RSA)
• Steam Generators (SG) - 12 pieces
• Pressurizer (PRZ) - 2 pieces
• Pressurizer released tanks (“bubble tanks”) - 2 pieces
• Main Isolation Valves (MIV) - 24 pieces
• Main Circulation Pumps (MCP) - 12 pieces
• Annular Water Tanks (AWT) - 2 pieces
• Primary piping (PP).
• Mogilnik (building part only).
Additionally to previous large components and structures, all remaining auxiliary components, equipment and systems and building constructions connected with the above stated equipment shall be dismantled and fragmented too. Special attention shall be paid on following equipment due to their size:
• Refuelling equipment  including accessories and spare components as well as container ARK.
• Reserve main circulation pump – 2 pieces.
• Reserve main isolating valve – 1 piece.
• Used drives of fuel assemblies (HRK) from the shafts R007/1, 2; equipment and stands of HRK and refuelling equipment at R006/1, 2.
• Concrete container.
• Reactor internals container.
• Auxiliary constructions designated for unsealing of reactors (assembly platforms, nut wrenching device, etc.)
• Liners and reactor internals of containment, spent fuel pools, reactor shaft, and boric acid emergency injection tanks of Unit 1 and 2 (as part of containment).
• Spent nuclear fuel racks (mains and reserve), and transport traverse beam for manipulation of reserve racks.
• Dampers and flanges, separating storage pools and refuelling pools in SFPs.
• Hangers for the rods of refuelling equipment and cladding of fuel containment control (KHP) in storage pool, manipulation sampling system of KHP in reactor hall.
• Hangers, catchers, manipulation and leading passage way for operation and manipulation of transport container C30.

Moreover, activated part of the concrete of the reactor shafts shall be dismantled and fragmented too.
In general, following bullets summarizes the Plant status after Project D4.2 implementation:
• All equipment of the primary circuit of Unit 1 a 2 will have been dismantled (reactors, main regulation valve, main circulation pump, steam generator, main circulation pipeline, pressurizer, bubble tank).
• All machinery equipment in the hermetic compartment rooms of Unit 1 and 2 will have been dismantled.
• All primary circuit spare equipment will have been dismantled (main regulation valve, main circulation pump, drives of main control assembly).
• All I&C and electro equipment (electrical cables, impulse lines, measuring equipment, supporting cable and impulse line trays of dismantled machinery equipment) in the hermetic compartment of Unit 1 and 2 will have been dismantled.
• All dosimetry equipment in hermetic compartment rooms of Unit 1 and 2 will have been dismantled.
• All linings and other building elements (metal structures, supports, service platforms, shielded doors) of hermetic compartment rooms of Unit 1 and 2 will have been dismantled.
• All activated concrete of reactor shafts in Unit 1 and 2 will have been dismantled.
• All equipment for refuelling and storing of spent fuel (storage pool racks and pipelines in Unit 1 and 2, refuelling machine, reactor internals container, screw tightening machine, clamps for transport of such equipment) will have been dismantled.
• All equipment for inspection, repairs and testing (inspection shafts of Unit 1 and 2, stands of drives testing of main control assembly, inspection of rod of refuelling machine, shielding containers and platforms to perform reactor repairs and inspections) will have been dismantled.
• Several building structures outside containment will have been dismantled (mogilnik, lining of BV (refuelling pool), BS (storage pool), UH (universal nest within storage pool), supports under the containers).
After development of dismantling and fragmentation works in each area, rooms shall be cleaned and conditioned.