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Dismantling of Systems in V1 NPP Controlled Area – Part 2


Project identification: D4.4C.01

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Dismantling of Systems in V1 NPP Controlled Area – Part 2

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Information on the project:

In August 2019 the Contract for implementation of the V1 NPP decommissioning project D4.4C “Dismantling of Systems in V1 NPP Controlled Area – Part 2”, subproject D4.4C.01 between the company JAVYS, a.s. and company Metrostav, a successful Tenderer from the public procurement process, was signed.

In this part the Project is fully financed from the EU funds via Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency.

Main objectives of this Project include the removal and fixation of sediments, pre-dismantling decontamination, dismantling and fragmentation, sorting, packaging and transport of the following:  

  • Remaining components and systems located in the controlled area (outside the hermetic zone borders), since their operation during the dismantling of primary circuit systems is required.
  • Equipment and components installed within other BIDSF projects to support the decommissioning activities.
  • All unnecessary parts of construction areas, where the systems are located (auxiliary steel structures, props, cable trays, doors, lifting equipment, EFS, lighting and socket circuits, etc.)

The D4.4C.01 project also includes management and transport of hazardous and contaminated materials from the decommissioning process.

Once the D4.4C.01 project has been completed all equipment and structures in the controlled area have to be dismantled so that the buildings are ready for decontamination.