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Technological Plan for the Operation Termination

  • the transport of all reactor fuels to storage pools,
  • the cooling down of fuel cells in storage pools,
  • the draining and processing of all operational media from unnecessary equipment,
  • the processing of the remaining operational radioactive waste,
  • the safe separation of non-operational equipment and systems, from systems and equipment still in use,
  • the continuous care for the integrity of the barriers that prevent the release of radioactivity into the environment,
  • fulfilling requirements following from the maintaining of nuclear and radiation safety,
  • the reduction of the equipment still in operation, with the goal of lowering the operational, maintenance and inspection expenses,
  • the securing of the operation of the necessary equipment and systems at an unchanging level,
  • the dismantling of unnecessary equipment, which can be utilized in other operations,
  • the transport of spent fuel cells from the storage pools into the ISFS facility,
  • the coordinated preparation of changes in the operational documentation for the operation termination, which includes programs, operational limits and conditions (LC), criteria, modified operational regulations etc.,
  • the coordinated preparation of the decommissioning documentation of the V1 NPP,
  • the evaluation of the physical condition of the equipment and structures, at the deadline date for the start of the decommissioning process, and the radiation characteristics thereof.