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List of Abbreviations

BIDSF Bohunice International Decommissioning Support Fund
BRWTC Bohunice Radioactive waste Treatment Centre
EMO NPP Mochovce
EMS Environment Management System
LRW FTF Liquid RAW Final Treatment Facility
MCP Main Circulation Pump
MGU Main Generating Unit
IDO Immediate decommissioning option
NPP Nuclear Power Plant
NEF Nuclear Energy Facility
CDP Conceptual Decommissioning Plan
IAEA International Agency for Atomic Energy
ISVP Intermediate Storage of Vitrification Product
ISFS Interim Spent Fuel Storage
LPP Low Pressure Part
FE Fuel Element
SG Steam Generator
RAW Radioactive Waste
RSE Reactor safe enclosure
NRWR National RAW Repository
SES Safe enclosure under surveillance
TG Turbo-generator
ÚJD Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Slovak Republic
(Úrad jadrového dozoru)
FCC Filament-concrete Container
SNF Spent Nuclear Fuel
HPP High Pressure Part
PWR Pressurised Water Reactor
JAVYS Nuclear Decommissioning Company
IRAO Institution RAW
CRAM Captured Radioactive Materials