Javys, a.s.


Attitude to Environment

The practice of protecting the environment is evolving dynamically in the developed world. Due to the growing demand for sustainability and the improvement of the quality of the environment, numerous organizations pay increased attention to their own, potentially environmentally hazardous, activities, which includes the making of products as well as the providing of services. Environmental policies and development objectives aim to continuously improve the standards of environmental conduct.

JAVYS does not produce any tangible products for public circulation, yet this does not mean that it can not contribute to global environmental efforts. We employ a progressive tool, specifically designed for environmental management of companies, the so-called Environmental Management System (EMS).

It is a voluntary system designed and implemented by the organization for the management of its important environmental aspects and the corresponding influences on the environment, and for ensuring the compliance with legal and other requirements in that regard. The result of the successful implementation and continuous improvement of the EMS should be the lasting prosperity, economical growth, and a positive change in the interaction with, and responsibility for, the environment of the organization as well as the society as a whole.

The evaluation of the efficiency of the EMS, based on inspection and monitoring results as well as on a management inquiry, leads to further steps for the sustaining and continuous improvement of organization's environmental conduct.