Javys, a.s.

Pre-Feasibility Study on the Use of Final Disposal System for Legacy and Radioactive Waste in Moldova

Project: „Development of Pre-Feasibility Study on the Use of Final Disposal System for Legacy and Radioactive Waste in Moldova, Mol9008“;


Project Description:

JAVYS, together with a German company BGE TECHNOLOGY, is a member of the consortium responsible for the development of the pre-feasibility study on the use of final disposal system for radioactive waste (RAW) in Moldova. The project is funded by IAEA and is realised since October 2019. The aim of the study is to analyse various options for final disposal of RAW, consisting mainly of legacy and institutional waste, considering legislative, technical, environmental as well as socioeconomic aspects in Moldova.

The study is focused on the following areas:

  1. Summarization of RAW inventory including legacy and current waste as well as waste expected in the future;
  2. Description of various types of RAW disposal concepts. Multi attribute analysis evaluating the suitability of individual options;
  3. Description of general and specific aspects of a repository siting process;
  4. Analysis of the current legislative and regulatory framework in the field of RAW management. Comparison with internationally accepted requirements and recommendations.
  5. Description of a licensing process for a repository;
  6. Analysis of procedures to be followed regarding environmental impact assessment;
  7. Competence and capacity building and maintaining in organizations dealing with nuclear safety and radiation protection;
  8. Evaluation of financial aspects for selected disposal systems;
  9. Preliminary time schedule of implementation for selected disposal systems;
  10. Identification and assessment of strategic risks related to the RAW disposal programme development together with a proposal of relevant mitigation actions;
  11. Summarization of findings and recommendations resulting from performed analyses.