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Company JAVYS performed nine collections of radioactive materials of unknown origin (RMUO) in 2023, the heaviest piece was a kids' tricycle

In 2023 company JAVYS carried out five transports of spent nuclear fuel and ensured eleven transports of fresh nuclear fuel.

Company JAVYS recycled almost 1,700 tonnes of metallic waste in 2023

As the decommissioning process of the A1 and V1 nuclear power ...

No fires, no accidents at work and no occupational diseases recorded in company JAVYS, a. s., in 2023

Company JAVYS, a.s., under supervision of regulatory authorities and international organizations also in 2023

Processed Italian radioactive waste transported back to Italy

On Thursday, the 21st of December 2023, the fourth and last transport of final products from the processing of radioactive ...

ENEF 2023 Conference

Support of the nuclear energy sector and new nuclear builds will be prime ministerial topics in Slovakia, said the Prime ...

Representatives of the National Nuclear Fund visit JAVYS

Members of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Governors and management of the National Nuclear Fund of the Slovak Republic ...

Company JAVYS becomes a Consultant in South Africa

Company JAVYS has extensive expertise in the field of decommissioning and operation of nuclear facilities, which it provides ...

Company JAVYS and Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University will cooperate in the scientific research field and educational process

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