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Health and Safety and Fire Protection

The year 2016 was for JAVYS, a. s., the best in the area of Health and Safety and Fire Protection within the monitored ...

Waste Recycling & Decommissioning

JAVYS, a. s., recycled in 2016 within the A1 NPP and V1 NPP decommissioning process from decommissioned material more ...

Transports of Nuclear Fuel

In 2016 company JAVYS, a. s. carried out three transports of spent nuclear fuel and participated in five transports of ...

Transportation and disposal of FCCs

420 pieces of fibre-concrete containers were transported and disposed of in the National Radwaste Repository in 2016.

JAVYS news 03/2016 Progress in V1 NPP decommissioning has been assessed by the Monitoring Visit

JAVYS news 02/2016 IRAW and CRAM in a new facility

JAVYS news 01/2016 Captured radioactive materials

JAVYS news 02/2015 LABONET

JAVYS news 01/2015 TAG 59

TAG 59 - The conference of international experts in company JAVYS, a.s.

A successful year for Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a.s.

In 2014, the company JAVYS, a.s. achieved an after tax profit of EUR 12.060 million. The profit before tax was EUR 20.917 ...
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