Javys, a.s.

Progress in decommissioning process

Main activities of the V1 NPP decommissioning implementation:

  • Tag-out activities and disconnection of systems,
  • Implementation of projects – dismantling of unnecessary equipment and systems,
  • Management of radioactive, conventional and hazardous waste,
  • Implementation of projects – project variations and modifications of systems used in the V1 NPP decommissioning process,
  • Treatment of historical radioactive waste,
  • Development of technical and tender documents for the projects of the 2nd stage of V1 NPP decommissioning,
  • Construction of storage capacities intended for storage of materials from the V1 NPP decommissioning,
  • Building the infrastructure for the needs of the 2nd stage of V1 NPP decommissioning (installation of fragmentation and decontamination facilities, implementation of the integrated computer system, etc.).



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