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Project group:

A – Projects related to the V1 NPP operation termination
B – Documentation projects required for the decommissioning
C – Projects related to radioactive waste management
D – Projects related to decommissioning

Project status:
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Project identification Project name Project status
Main power transformers Completed
Step-down transformers Completed
Switchyard Station r220 kV Completed
A1.1 PMU Consultant (Phase 1) Completed
A1.10 PMU Consultant (Phase 10) Implementation
A1.2 PMU Consultant (Phase 2) Completed
A1.3 PMU Consultant (Phase 3) Completed
A1.4 PMU Consultant (Phase 4) Completed
A1.5 PMU Consultant (Phase 5) Completed
A1.6 PMU Consultant (Phase 6) Completed
A1.7 PMU Consultant (Phase 7) Completed
A1.8 PMU Consultant (Phase 8) Completed
A1.9 PMU Consultant (Phase 9) Completed
A2.1 Development of comprehensive documentation necessary for V1 NPP decommissioning licensing phase and decommissioning implementation phase Completed
A2.2 Documentation configuration management system Completed
A3-A Reconstruction of Area protection system AKOBOJE Completed
A3-B Reconstruction of the Public Warning and Notification System Completed
A5-A1a Feasibility study for modification of the JAVYS and SE power supply scheme after V1 shutdown Completed
A5-A1b Temporary Reserve Power Supply of V1 and V2 NPP of 220 kV till 2012 Completed
A5-A2 Modification of the JAVYS power supply scheme after V1 final shutdown Completed
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