Javys, a.s.

Nuclear Safety

The general goal of nuclear safety is to protect individuals, the society and the environment by determining and maintaining efficient protection against nuclear hazards. Meeting the requirements of nuclear safety is top priority to JAVYS. This is declared in the policy and goals of the company. The nuclear safety requirements are implemented in all nuclear facilities operated by the company, in Jaslovské Bohunice as well as in Mochovce.

An important activity that must always be secured is the supervising of nuclear safety, which means especially the implementation and realization of its evaluation as well as internal auditing of nuclear safety, the strengthening of the safety culture and the securing of the contact with the supervising body – the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic. The evaluation of nuclear safety, i.e. the safety of operations in nuclear facilities of JAVYS. is performed by submitting reports to the Nuclear Safety Committee for approval and to management meetings of JAVYS. The Nuclear Safety Committee had been created as an advisory body to the Chief Executive Officer and its main mission is to evaluate operation safety reports and to comment on them, as well as on  other materials related to nuclear safety a and radiation protection.

All activities aimed at the meeting of set safety goals and principles are in line with the operation documentation, the integrated management system documentation, the international documentation and most importantly with the Slovak Republic legislation for the field of nuclear energetics.