Javys, a.s.

Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility IQ4.01/11

Project: “Feasibility Study, Basic Design and Engineering Design of Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility IQ4.01/11”;

Consortium: NUKEM Technologies GmbH (DE) – DBE Technology GmbH (DE) – JAVYS;


JAVYS, together with German companies Nukem and DBE, is a member of consortium providing consultations to Iraq, within a project funded by the European Union. It covers the design and associated safety analyses of the surface repository of radioactive waste which is intended by Iraq to be built in Al-Tuwaitha in Baghdad.

          Project consists of ten tasks:

  1. Preparation and management of project implementation.
  2. Review of low-level and intermediate-level radioactive waste inventory – elaboration of an inventory for disposal.
  3. Definition of standards and criteria for the repository project and its safety analyses.
  4. Site characterization.
  5. Development of the conceptual design.
  6. Development of the preliminary safety assessment.
  7. Progress of the detailed design.
  8. Elaboration of the final safety assessment.
  9. Development of additional licensing documentation.
  10. Final report and publication of results.

The whole project commenced in summer 2015 and will be finished in June 2019. JAVYS is providing solutions of the already completed Task no.3 and Task no.9. The project implementation is supported by the non-key experts, Ing. Peter Salzer, Ing. Martin Hornáček (0200) and Bc. Jozef Smugala (0200).