Inspectors performed 47 inspections at JAVYS workplaces last year. They focused on nuclear safety and compliance with relevant regulations. They found no deficiencies.

Compliance with regulations and nuclear safety requirements in company JAVYS, a.s. is regularly checked by regulatory authorities, but also by international organizations. In 2022, 47 inspections were performed at JAVYS workplaces, of which 39 were carried out by the Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA SR), 8 by inspectors from the international organizations IAEA and EURATOM.

Last year, inspections of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic were focused on compliance with conditions of nuclear safety and with requirements of the regulators for decommissioning of the A1 nuclear power plant and V1 nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice, for import of radioactive waste in connection with international transport, and for disposal of radioactive waste at the National Radwaste Repository in Mochovce and transport of radioactive waste and nuclear materials. No deficiencies were found during these inspections.

Another important inspection was the inspection of spent nuclear fuel storage in Interim Spent Fuel Storage facility. In this case, too, no deficiencies were found.

Inspectors from the NRA SR paid attention to the nuclear physical safety culture and cyber security, and they also focused on the area of ​​emergency preparedness, aiming their inspections at equipment and means intended for emergency preparedness, with a focus on inspecting the cooperation of the Emergency Response Organization during the on-site emergency planning and preparedness exercise.

Representatives of the international organizations inspected mainly the records and control of nuclear materials applied in the Interim Spent Fuel Storage facility, but also checked the verification of project data and progress of the V1 NPP decommissioning from the point of view of applying the requirements for the implementation of guarantees. These inspections also found no deficiencies.

The outcomes of inspections have demonstrated that all the nuclear facilities operated by company JAVYS, a.s., on sites in Jaslovské Bohunice and Mochovce meet the requirements of the Slovak legislation, international legislation and requirements of regulatory authorities for nuclear safety and their strict compliance.

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