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ENEF 2023 Conference

Support of the nuclear energy sector and new nuclear builds will be prime ministerial topics in Slovakia, said the Prime ...

Company JAVYS and Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University will cooperate in the scientific research field and educational process

JAVYS and EDF signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement

On 25 August 2023 during an official visit of the Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Ing. Peter Dovhun, companies ...

JAVYS and the University of Economics in Bratislava sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Company JAVYS and the University of Economics in Bratislava ...

JAVYS, a. s., and Westinghouse Electric Company LLC Sign Two Memorandums

JAVYS and Westinghouse Electric Company LLC announced the sign ...

Economic results of company JAVYS, a. s., for the year 2022

Company JAVYS, a. s., reached a profit in 2022 despite the difficult economic situation, mainly thanks to foreign commercial ...

Environmental Protection in 2022

Company JAVYS did not exceed any of the emission limits in 2022, and the quantities of pollutant emissions from air pollutio ...

In 2022, on the territory of Slovakia, company JAVYS handled the collection of radioactive materials of unknown origin nine times and collection of historical radioactive materials ten times.

In 2022 company JAVYS carried out five transports of spent nuclear fuel and ensured five transports of fresh nuclear fuel.

Company JAVYS, a. s., under supervision of regulatory authorities and international organizations also in 2022

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