In 2023, company JAVYS, a.s. carried out four transports of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from Unit 3 and Unit 4 of the Bohunice nuclear power plant (V2 NPP in Jaslovské Bohunice) and one transport of the SNF from Unit 2 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant to the Interim Spent Fuel Storage (ISFS) facility operated by company JAVYS, a.s. in Jaslovské Bohunice.

In addition, company JAVYS, a.s. provided activities of the technical and emergency group during the eleven transports of fresh nuclear fuel from the fresh nuclear fuel producer for the operated Units of nuclear power plants (under company SE, a.s.), while three of these transports were carried out as rail transports and eight as air-road transports.

Transports of fresh and spent nuclear fuel and further management of spent nuclear fuel are among the activities performed by company JAVYS, a.s. based on the necessary permits/licenses granted by the regulatory authorities. JAVYS, a.s. employs expert personnel and has specific means and tools required to ensure these activities carried out with maximal attention paid to the environment, while observing high standards of nuclear safety.

Company JAVYS, a.s. ensures activities in the field of back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle in the Slovak Republic. Its main activities include the decommissioning of the A1 and V1 nuclear power plants, management of radioactive waste, spent nuclear fuel, institutional radioactive waste and collected radioactive material within the territory of the Slovak Republic. Company JAVYS, a.s. pays particular attention to safety, quality and environmental protection in all its activities.

Ms. Miriam Žiaková

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