Company JAVYS, a. s., took over institutional radioactive waste with a total weight of 105 kg from the National Institute of Children's Diseases in Bratislava.

On Thursday, 3 November, 2022, company JAVYS, a.s. took over 267 pieces of smoke detectors containing radionuclide Am-241 and 12 pieces of liquid emitters with beta nuclide Ru-106, together with used personal protective and work equipment from the National Institute of Children's Diseases in Bratislava.

After taking-over, the institutional radioactive waste with a total weight of 105 kg was placed in three 200-litre MEVA drums. Two drums with electronic fire systems were transported for storage to facilities (for collected radioactive material and radioactive material of unknown origin) in company JAVYS, a.s., on site in Mochovce. One drum with emitters and used personal protective and work equipment was imported to company JAVYS, a.s. for processing in Bohunice Radioactive Waste Treatment Centre.

Some smoke detectors consist of ionization chambers with small foils of americium-241, which produces alpha particles to create a steady stream of ions. Ambient air has free access to the sensitive parts of the detector, and when smoke enters the detector, the flow of ions is interrupted and an alarm is triggered. The radioactivity of the americium sources is very low in these detectors. Americium decays with a long half-life. This means that the detector will essentially retain its original activity after its useful life – about 10 years.

Taking-over of the institutional radioactive waste was carried out as part of the Collection and disposal of historical institutional radioactive waste project, a task assigned by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic after the mutual consultations and in cooperation with the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic and Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. Company JAVYS is gradually taking over historical, unused radioactive materials that represent a long-term radioactive burden from state medical facilities. Subsequently, the company will process and store them in a professional, safe, reliable, economically efficient manner, with an emphasis on radiation protection of the population and environmental protection. This socially extremely important task and activity of all stakeholders is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety and protection of citizens, the environment, while reducing the risk of possible misuse or illegal handling of these materials.

Ms. Miriam Žiaková

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