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Sale of technological equipment

Nuclear power plant V1 in Jaslovske Bohunice (hereinafter NPP V1) operated two pressurized water reactors WWER design from 1978 and 1980. Several reconstructions were performed during this period, in which there have been more than 1300 technical improvements. Power plant reached a high internationally accepted safety levels by means of the implementation of extensive program called Progressive reconstruction during 1996–2000. Slovak government decided on shutting down NPP V1 in 2006 (unit 1) respectively 2008 (unit 2) and its subsequent decommissioning within the negotiations on accession to the European Union.

Technological equipment of NPP V1 such as pumps, valves, control systems, measurement devices, generators, transformers, including unused spare parts became useless for the NPP V1 as a result of termination of the operation and its decommissioning. Due to a good maintenance and reconstruction carried out, the functionality and safety of components remains and they are still applicable for their original purpose, especially in the maintenance, respectively in the reconstruction of similar devices.

For this reason, the company JAVYS, a.s. (Nuclear Decommissioning Company Inc.), offers all unnecessary equipment and spare parts from NPP V1 for sale, classified in the following categories:

Control systems  


The list of equipment, including its description, can be found by clicking on a single category.

In case you are interested in specific equipment, respectively spare part, or need additional information, please contact:

Ing. Juraj Koptak
Coordinator Trade
T: +421 33 531 3114, E: koptak.juraj@javys.sk