Javys, a.s.

Interim storage of radioactive waste


Interim storage of radioactive waste (IS RAW) on the site of Jaslovské Bohunice is another completed BIDSF project implemented within the process of the V1 nuclear power plant decommissioning. By implementing this project, the JAVYS, a.s. Company extended in 2018 the portfolio of nuclear facilities which it operates or decommissions in compliance with valid safety documentation approved by Slovak regulatory authorities.

Nuclear facility IS RAW is intended for storage of:

  • solid or solidified RAW before its further processing on facilities in the JAVYS, a.s. site,
  • RAW modified by various technologies into solidified (solid) form coming from decommissioning of NF for so long as it can be transported to the place of its permanent storage,
  • solid RAW for the period during which its activity decreases under limit value and it can be released into environment.

Interim storage comprises the hall and the auxiliary operations annex building. The total storage volume is approximately 13 thousands m3. Solid RAW will be stored in packaging units such as fibre-concrete containers, ISO containers and MEVA drums. By operating an interim storage the total volume of RAW will not increase and neither its total activity on the site. Storage of RAW in the newly built IS RAW will enable further safe management of radioactive waste, sustainable provision of environmental protection and its surveillance.

All activities during the manipulation with solid and solidified RAW located in IS RAW will be performed and monitored pursuant to the set requirements of relevant state regulatory bodies ₋ Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the SR and Public Health Authority of the SR.

Within an optimisation of the entire process of the RAW management, the JAVYS, a.s. Company pays the utmost attention to the minimisation of RAW production, costs of the RAW management and their impact on environment.