Javys, a.s.

Public participation process

The purpose of incorporating public participation into the decision making process is to increase the quality of decisions by creating and implementing possibilities for project acceptance from various points of view.
Public participation provides the means to proactively seek stakeholder input and incorporate that input into the planning process. It is a legal requirement under the EIA Act (Act No. 24/2006 Coll. of 14th December 2005, as amended) and also under the Aarhus Convention.
The planning and management of the 2nd Stage of V1 NPP decommissioning requires an extensive involvement of stakeholders. To succeed in social acceptance of the Project, it is vital to build strong relationships with stakeholders who might be affected by the project. JAVYS is committed to the establishment of an open and transparent relationship with all stakeholders. It will strive to set the highest standards in openness and transparency to inspire public confidence.
The public participation process shall take place mainly in two stages of the EIA Process: consultation process in the framework of the Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) and of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and its public hearings.

The public participation process will be based on principles as:

  • Transparency
  • Providing important information in an understandable form and language (mainly Slovak) tailored to the needs of the target stakeholder group.
  • Providing information in advance of consultation activities.
  • Disclosure of information (written and oral) in ways and locations that secure the relevant stakeholders an easy access throughout the whole consultation process.
  • Use of oral and visual methods to provide information to lay stakeholders.
  • Clear mechanisms for responding to stakeholders' concerns, suggestions and comments adequate to the type of group consulted.
  • Incorporating feedback and reporting the results back to stakeholders.

An adequate and properly implemented public participation process will also contribute to good public perception and social acceptance of the Project, and may reduce costs and time.