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Production of fibre-concrete containers

References:   Since 2001 the low level waste of all producers in the Slovak Republic that comply with the acceptance criteria has been stored in the fibre-concrete containers at the National Radioactive Waste Repository.
Legislation:   It is necessary to obtain the decision of the respective nuclear safety regulatory authority, which approves a fibre-concrete container as a packaging unit for the storage, transport or deposition of RAW at the respective repository.


Containers as packaging units for:

  • temporary storage of solid and solidified RAW
  • final deposition of treated RAW

The fibre-concrete container is made of a special fibre concrete. It consists of a body, a lid and two caps. It is of cubic shape with the external dimensions of 1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 m and its internal volume usable for RAW treatment or RAW storage is 3 m3. It is laid in a maximum of three layers.

The fibre-concrete containers are produced on the basis of a formulation set out by the companies SGN/SOGEFIBRE within the original contractual relation with SEP, š.p. of 1992.