In the upcoming period, company JAVYS intends to expand in the area of commercial activities and consultancy services also in the international market in order to maintain employment at a current level even after the decommissioning process ends.

To promote its activities, it uses all forms of presentation, including participation in various international forums and exhibitions. In 2014 and 2016, JAVYS representatives participated in the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, which brought new business opportunities for the company and improved the overview of the nuclear services market.

At this year's WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION (WNE) 2018 in Paris, which took place from 26 to 28 June 2018, company JAVYS introduced itself for the first time as the only company among the V4 countries, also through its own stand. The purpose of participation as an exhibitor was to offer services to potential customers seeking services in the field of radioactive waste management, institutional radioactive waste management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Countries such as Argentina, France, Belgium, China, Finland, South Korea, Canada, Spain, or the USA with their national stands were also present at the WNE in Paris.

The World Exhibition is organized by company AIFEN, which brings together more than three hundred French companies providing services covering all parts of nuclear power industry. More than 680 companies presented their activities at the exhibition. It was attended by more than 8,800 visitors from all over the world. The main topics of this year's WNE included nuclear safety, development, construction and operation of nuclear power plants, fuel cycle, radiation protection, radioactive waste management, and nuclear facilities decommissioning. Interesting panel discussions or introduction of visions, for example, in the field of construction of deep repositories for radioactive waste were also part of the exhibition.

At the WNE, representatives of company JAVYS participated in several important business meetings in the field of possible cooperation in the German market, participation in tenders announced through the EBRD and the European Commission, as well as possible cooperation in the field of consultancy services in the EU and Non-EU countries. During the exhibition, delegation of the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in France, who appreciated the presence of JAVYS as the only company representing the Slovak Republic in this important event and presentation of its activities on the international platform, also visited the stand of JAVYS.


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