The 5th JAVYS Supervisory Board meeting was held this year on the 23rd of May 2019 at the National Radwaste Repository (NRR) in Mochovce.

Members of the Supervisory Board inspected the National Radioactive Waste Repository after discussing the agenda and apart from the system of disposal boxes of the operated double-row, they also had the opportunity to inspect the protective barriers used against leakage of radioactivity into the environment.

The National Radioactive Waste Repository is a multi-barrier surface type disposal facility, the purpose of which is the disposal of solid and solidified low-level radioactive waste (RAW) produced from the operation and decommissioning of NPPs, or from research institutes, laboratories and hospitals, from all over the Slovak Republic. The area of ​​the repository covers 11.2 hectares and in recent days the third double-row was put into operation on site. The BIDSF project C9.4 - Design and Erection of New Disposal Facilities for LLW and VLLW from V1 NPP Decommissioning at NRR Mochovce was implemented in the period from the 6th of March 2017 to the 16th of November 2018.

Since company JAVYS, a. s., is an authorized organization in charge of management of orphaned sources, radioactive waste of unknown origin, unused emitters and radioactive materials, members of the Supervisory Board also inspected the premises intended for their safe storage by the time of their processing and conditioning in the treatment facilities of company JAVYS, a. s., and their subsequent disposal.

Within the inspection of the NRR, company´s Board of Directors informed the members of the Supervisory Board on the crucial role of company JAVYS, a. s., in the field of environment protection, since by its activities in the area of management of these specific materials the company fulfils socially responsible role, consisting not only of the environment protection, but also of the health protection of population in the Slovak Republic.

The Supervisory Board is the top-level company's supervisory body. Six members of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the shareholder and three are elected by the company's employees.

Mgr. Miriam Žiaková

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