As part of the D4.2 project "Dismantling of Reactor Coolant System Large Components", the last of a total of twelve main coolant pumps (MCP) installed in the V1 nuclear power plant was dismantled in the calendar week 25. The pumps belonged to the main pieces of the primary circuit equipment, ensuring the flow of coolant in the primary circuit.

Decommissioning activities connected with the first MCP began in April 2019. Dismantling of the last MCP marks the completion of dismantling of the primary circuits in both V1 NPP reactor units. Achieving another important milestone for the decommissioning of this power plant in such a short time is a great success for company JAVYS and all the employees participating in the decommissioning process.

After dismantling the individual parts of the MCP are disassembled into separate parts. Following their monitoring uncontaminated pieces are released directly into the environment. Contaminated parts are further fragmented into smaller parts, which are subsequently decontaminated. As a result of this process, more than 90% of the MCP and their weight can be free-released into the environment and sold as a secondary raw material. The weight of one main coolant pump is approximately 50.2 tons.

By implementing the circuit pre-dismantling decontamination, the dose rates of personnel during the dismantling activities were minimal. In addition to the twelve pumps, two other spare removable parts of the MCP located in the reactor hall were fragmented.

Company JAVYS thus minimizes production of radioactive waste from the V1 NPP decommissioning and contributes to the environment protection.


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