Company JAVYS has reached another important milestone in the V1 NPP decommissioning; on November 20, 2021, the fragmentation of the Unit 1 reactor pressure vessel (RPV) with a total weight of 205 tons was completed. Apart from the pressure vessel the reactor internals – bearing shell and its bottom, protective tube unit and reactor core basket, shielding assemblies, connecting rods and absorbers from the entire period of the operation are being fragmented in parallel.

Fragmentation of the reactor pressure vessel took fourteen months, the RPV fragments were transported to several nuclear facilities operated by company JAVYS, a.s. Part of the fragments forming the intermediate-level waste was placed in eight pieces of shielded containers and transported to the Interim Storage of Radioactive Waste (IS RAW) in Jaslovské Bohunice for long-term storage. The remaining part of the fragments forming the low-level waste was transported in special baskets for active grouting used in the fibre-concrete containers (FCC) to the Final Treatment of Liquid Radioactive Waste facility in Mochovce and from there to the National Radwaste Repository (NRR) in Mochovce for their disposal.

Transport of the reactor pressure vessel - Press release

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