Representatives from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain under the Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities (GMF) promote the interests of municipalities in Europe located near the nuclear facilities. On the 28th of June 2023 they visited the National Radioactive Waste Repository in Mochovce, where the team leader of disposal facilities operation from company JAVYS, Ladislav Éhn, presented the activities of the National Radioactive Waste Repository to representatives of the local government. They viewed the double-rows used for disposal of fibre-concrete containers, areas for storing the soils and storage areas for low-level and very low-level radioactive waste. The event was organized by the municipality of Kalná nad Hronom. Representatives of the guests also shared their own experiences of communicating with the public.  

Vice President of GMF, Gerben Dijksterhuis

“We directly involve citizens in the decision-making and communication process. We randomly select one hundred interested parties. These are then attended to by our experts, guided by them and the experts also answer their questions. Residents will see for themselves the advantages and benefits of the nuclear power," explained the Vice President of GMF and the mayor of the Dutch town Borsele with 22,800 inhabitants.

In its vicinity, the radioactive waste is being stored and the only Dutch nuclear power plant unit with a pressurized water reactor is under operation. After renovation this reactor has reached an output of 515 MW. Since people are chosen randomly, there will also be opponents of the peaceful use of nuclear energy among them. “Then we break in sweat while explaining and educating them, but this is a transparent approach. Such a model of communication has worked for us, because these people effectively influence their surroundings as well."

Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities is a non-profit association of municipalities and their associations with nuclear facilities across European countries. Currently the GMF is supported by municipalities with nuclear facilities from Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, France, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The organization was formally established in 2000 to promote the involvement of the local level in nuclear governance.

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