Company JAVYS has extensive expertise in the field of decommissioning and operation of nuclear facilities, which it provides to many foreign partners and organizations worldwide through its consulting services. For the South African state-owned company NECSA, consultancy services are provided in the field of costing.

The South African state-owned company NECSA ( is responsible, among other things, for management of historic facilities associated with ore processing and uranium enrichment, for the operation of radioactive waste (RAW) repository as well as for the operation of other facilities, such as the SAFARI-1 research reactor. However, sufficient financial resources are needed for the planning and implementation of the decommissioning of selected facilities. For this reason, NECSA launched a tender in 2022 for the supply of a software solution for the cost estimation of nuclear decommissioning and RAW management activities. Company WAI, Ltd., in cooperation with JAVYS, submitted a tender proposal in 2022, which was evaluated as successful. Subsequently, the relevant activities were implemented in 2023. WAI, Ltd., which was the leader of the Consortium, was responsible for the presentation of the existing software solution, customisation of the solution based on the client's requirements, development of the software tool manual and implementation of training activities. Company JAVYS was mainly responsible for the preparation of training materials and implementation of part of the training focused on the issue of cost estimation in accordance with international standards in the ISDC (International Structure for Decommissioning Costing) format. Based on the client's request, particular emphasis was placed on real-life experience, where company JAVYS used its vast experience gained in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities in the Slovak Republic.

After the successful implementation of two trainings in the form of online teleconferences, a workshop was held from the 9th to the 13th of October 2023 in the premises of NECSA with the participation of representatives of WAI, Ltd. and company JAVYS. JAVYS was represented by Mr. Tomáš Hrnčíř. The subject of the workshop in South Africa was to gain a better understanding of the scope of planned decommissioning and RAW management activities at the NECSA site through visits to selected facilities, to obtain the up-to-date information on planned activities for the next period and on available human resources, and in particular interactive training on how to use the software tool, create a calculation case and prepare the necessary input parameters. At the end of the workshop, NECSA representatives were presented with recommendations aimed at deeper implementation of the ISDC methodology and working with the software solution. NECSA representatives expressed their satisfaction with the project implementation and remain open to closer cooperation on the issue in the next period.

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