Members of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Governors and management of the National Nuclear Fund of the Slovak Republic (NNF) met with the management of company JAVYS in Jaslovské Bohunice, where they jointly inspected the new storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and were made familiar with the current development of the investment project "Completing the Storage Capacities of SNF", which has been implemented since 2017. They were also accompanied by the General Contractor of the investment project and were presented the results of the implemented tests of construction parts and technological systems in detail.

Representatives of the NNF and Board of Trustees of the NNF expressed their overall satisfaction with the progress of the works and technical design of the new SNF storage capacities. This is because the project takes into account the latest requirements and experience in the field, meets the requirements for a higher level of seismic resistance of the new construction and technological structures, uses passive elements ensuring heat removal and makes the greatest possible use of the existing transport and technological equipment and systems operated in the already existing part of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage (ISFS) facility.

Prior to the on-site inspection, the NNF representatives were provided with information on the historical development of activities in the field of SNF management from the commissioning of the ISFS facility in February 1988 to the present day. They were interested in details of the SNF management currently ensured also by the storage capacities completion project (in the 1st stage by 10,115 pieces of SNF), the status of filling of the ISFS storage capacity and the forecast of the filling depending on the SNF production considering the sixty-year operation of the Nuclear Power Plant Units in the Slovak Republic.

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