Javys, a.s.

Liquid RAW Final Treatment Facility


The purpose of the individual lines of the technological facility is to process liquid waste so that it can be safely deposited at the National RAW Repository in Mochovce. Its capacity by far exceeds the RAW production of the Mochovce nuclear units.

Technologically, the purpose of the facility is to process radioactive concentrates, saturated absorbents or sludge, creating a bitumen matrix, which then can be put into 200 l barrels. Subsequently the barrels are put (7 at a time) into fiber-reinforced containers. Using cementation technology, the barrels inside the fiber-reinforced container are then poured-over with cement. Proven quality recipes for both, thick and slurry cement mixtures, are used. The cement quality is monitored by taking samples. Hardened samples are checked for pressure resistance, leachibility, radioactivity and other physical parameters. All this data is recorded in an accompanying document for each container, the checking of which is a prerequisite for storage at the NRWR – an important document for keeping an overview over the RAW stored at the repository.

During operation of the LRW FTF gaseous RAW forms, due to the ventilation of the storage pools and facilities that containing an active medium. The activity of this waste is monitored, while it is vented through the Mochovce NPP chimney into atmosphere. Also, liquid waste, such as purified emerged condensate or active waste water, is produced at the LRW FTF processing lines. This waste is returned back to the Mochovce NPP, where it is treated similarly to the waste produced by the power plant itself. The responsibility for the processing, cleaning and reintroduction into the environment of the water is borne by the Mochovce NPP.
The radiation control personnel is then responsible for the continuous monitoring of aerosols within the compound, of the contamination of the working environment and tools, as well as of the working personnel exposure.

The LRW FTF compound uses a line architecture. At any time, there is always just one of these lines working – radioactive concentrate bituminization – discontinuous absorbent bituminization (saturated ionexes) – thickening at the thickening evaporator – cementation.

Aside from processing liquid radioactive waste, the LRW FTF handling facility in Mochovce also allows the handling solid RAW produced at the Mochovce NPP or the Bohunice NPP, which is fixated in solid 200 l MEVA barrels or in 60 l barrels. Solid radioactive waste barrels brought to the LRW FTF are inserted into fiber-reinforced containers, cemented and then transported to the Mochovce NRWR.