Javys, a.s.

Technical Parameters of LRW FTF

Film Rotary Evaporator 
Volume 0.88 m3
Rotor Revolutions 550 rpm
Weight 470 kg
Evaporator height 5,055 mm
Stator diameter Φ 700 mm
Max. output 240 dm3/h.
Medium liquid RAW, bitumen + heating steam

Emerged Concentrate Vapor Condenser 
Volume 0.277 m3
Weight 950 kg
Medium emerged concentrate vapor, cooling water

Thickening Evaporator (Circulating) 
Equipment type flow-through
Operation continuous – campaign
Heating medium steam, p = 0.4 MPa
Heating temperature 101.7 °C – (optimum)
Output 360 dm3/h. optimum (RA concentrates)
Thickening 1.6 m3 in 8 hours
Salinity of the non-thickened concentrate 160–180 g/l
Salinity of the thickened concentrate 380–400 g/l

Operation discontinuous
FRCC volume 3.0 m3
Filler volume 1.0 m3
Output 1 FRCC per shift