Prague, May 29, 2009 — Today, in honour of the 4th session of the European Nuclear Forum, the representatives of JAVYS and CEZ energy companies have signed the shareholder agreement that will allow establishing a joint venture for building of a new nuclear power station at Jaslovské Bohunice, Slovakia.

“The historical bonds maintained by the Slovak and Czech energy sectors and the nuclear industry of both countries in general certainly belong to the closest ones of the whole of Europe. Today we strengthen these bonds further by the new project of building of the nuclear power station that will contribute significantly to increase the energy independence of Slovakia and to reduce significantly the deficit of power generation capacities in Slovakia”, Ján Valko, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of JAVYS said.

“It is honour for us to be a partner selected by the Slovak Government to build the nuclear source in Slovakia. Today’s signature of the shareholder agreement starts another project with which we can engage stronger in the energy sector in Slovakia. Besides, nuclear energetics is a highly ecological and economical source; both countries have been using nuclear energetics in the long term and disposing of top experts on this area; so this partnership will bring synergies to both parties”, Martin Roman, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of CEZ added.

JAVYS will have 51 % share while CEZ Group will own 49 % in the joint venture. The manager control of the company will work on the principle of equality of both partners that will be present in all company bodies; but the Chairman of the Board of Directors will be elected from among the JAVYS representatives.

The project schedule will be specified after completion of the feasibility study in 2010. The purpose of the feasibility study is to explore the conditions of the locality, to evaluate the suitability of individual available technologies for the relevant locality, to describe the project organization or commercial provision, funding and economic evaluation of the project. When defining the technical project parameters, the possibility of maximum use of synergies will be considered. For that reason, the whole project is based on the following basic technical conditions: Pressurized-water reactor complying with the requirements of Slovak legislation and licenceable in the EU countries will be used in the project.

The nuclear energetics in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia was built on the base of unified nuclear program in former Czechoslovakia; since then, close uninterrupted cooperation between nuclear expert of both countries has been going on and it will pan out in the prepared project of building of the nuclear power station. Within the former Czechoslovak nuclear program, nuclear power stations at Jaslovské Bohunice (SR) and Dukovany (CZ) were built and at the same time the building of the power stations of Temelín (CZ) and Mochovce (SR) was started. CEZ finished two units at Temelín (CZ) only after the year 2000; Slovenské elektrárne launched 2 units at Mochovce (SR) in the end of 1990s; last year it was decided to add the 3rd and the 4th block.


Contacts for the news media

CEZ Group
Eva Nováková, spokeperson
Phone: +420 211 042 291, Mobile phone: +420 606 740 479

Dobroslav Dobák, spokeperson
Phone: +421 2 48 262 259 (+421 33 531 2259), Mobile phone: +421 910 834 349


CEZ Group has been conducting business, besides its country, the Czech Republic, in more than ten Central and South-East European countries. CEZ belongs to ten strongest European energy companies with its 8 millions customers and with power production from a portfolio of power stations with total capacity over 14,300 MW. It operates 2 nuclear power stations in the Czech Republic and is at the same time member of the consortium for the construction of the 3rd and the 4th block of the nuclear power station of Chernavoda, Rumania. In Slovakia, CEZ Group is the biggest alternative power supplier; it prepares building of 800 MW steam-gas cycle together with MOL Group in that country in the area of power production.

JAVYS performs activities of the so called fuel cycle back end. It implements the termination of operation of V1 nuclear power station of Jaslovské Bohunice and the preparation of its decommissioning; it shuts out the first Czechoslovak A1 NPP; it stores, treats, conditions and stocks radioactive wastes, transports radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel, storing it as well. Today’s signature of the agreement evidences JAVYS’ participation in energy projects in compliance with “Slovakia’s Energy Safety Strategy”.


Dobroslav Dobák,
spokesman of JAVYS

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