Today, on the 1st of July, 2011, representatives of JAVYS and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have signed four grant agreements for the financing of twelve new projects of decommissioning the V1 NPP Bohunice from the resources of the BIDSF international fund (Bohunice International Decommissioning Fund) – the fund for supporting the decommissioning the V1 NPP.

The total value of the new projects is € 45,24 million. After the signing of the aforementioned grant agreements, the JAVYS will have closed a total of 15 grant agreements in a value of approx. € 253 million with the EBRD.

Through these grant agreement the European Union and other BIDSF contributors realize their pledge to co-finance the decommissioning projects of the V1 NPP Bohunice.

The signing itself was preceded by the preparation of the projects, where JAVYS as the recipient of the help from the BIDSF fund had first to identify the individual projects, propose a practical solution and financing, present this at the joint session between the Slovak Republic and the EBRD and justify it at the meeting of the BIDSF contributors’ meeting. The twelve new approved projects represent, up till now, the largest prepared project package approved in the history of the BIDSF and is connected to the planned actual start of decommissioning operations after the approval of the 1st decommissioning stage of the V1 NPP.

The BIDSF fund was created by the European Union and several other contributing countries. The contributors entrusted the management of the fund and of its financial means to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which controls all the operations and projects financed from this fund. The means from this fund are meant to serve the purpose of partially compensating the Slovak Republic for the expenses derived from the premature decommissioning of the V1 NPP Bohunice.


Ing. Dobroslav Dobák

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