Between the 19th and the 23th of January 2012 the JAVYS company has transported the spent fuel from the V2 nuclear power plant, operated by Slovenské elektrárne, a member of the ENEL group, to the Interim spent fuel storage in Jaslovské Bohunice.

JAVYS has transported 96 fuel cells in two special containers. Stringent precautionary security measures have been taken. The transfer transpired safely and securely, in compliance with legislative requirements and in cooperation with the personnel from the ministries of transportation and interior.

The transport and storage of spent nuclear fuel is one of the main functions of JAVYS. The company holds the necessary certificates issued by the supervisory bodies, it employs expert personnel and state of the art equipment for performing its function.

JAVYS takes maximum care to perform all its functions responsibly, with the highest consideration for the environment and while maintaining a high standard of nuclear safety.


Ing. Dobroslav Dobák, EUR ING

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