Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a.s. during the night from 18 to 19 March 2014 successfully transported spent nuclear fuel from the nuclear power plant Mochovce to the Interim Spent Fuel Storage in Jaslovské Bohunice, which is owned and operated by JAVYS.
Under tight security JAVYS transported by rain in 3 special containers 144 fuel cells. The transport was secure, reliable and a in accordance with legislative requirements, observing conditions of the applicable permits for  spent fuel handling and transport, issued by the Nuclear Authority of the Slovak Republic. The transport was observed by the inspectors od this authority and other  supervisory authorities.
The transport was carried out in cooperation with ministries of Economy, Transport and Interior Ministry.
Transport and storage of the spent fuel  is one of the activities of the company JAVYS. It is a service provided to Slovenské elektrárne, member or Enel Group. JAVYS hold the necessary permits of the supervisory authorities, employs specialized staff and has technical equipment, necessary for this activity.
JAVYS is committed to ensure that all its activities are conducted responsibly, with maximum regard on the environment while keeping the high standard of nuclear security.

Ing. Agáta Staneková

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