In 2018, in company JAVYS, a. s., no accident at work of an employee of company JAVYS, a.s. was recorded, there was no fire and no work-related disease. Inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic performed 52 inspections in the company´s workplaces.

Occupational Health & Safety and Fire Protection in 2018
In the area of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and Fire Protection, company JAVYS, a. s. continued in its positive trend in 2018 and defended an internationally recognized certificate according to the OHSAS standard. This confirms that the company meets high standards and therefrom resulting requirements.

Issues of Occupational Health & Safety belong to top priorities of the company and therefore the elimination of occupational injuries to their lowest level possible is its main objective. This is achieved in company JAVYS, a.s. by continuous finding of dangers and threats during the execution of work activities, by monitoring of identified facts and by adopting of safety measures.

Prevention of accidents and occupational diseases at hazardous workplaces was ensured by frequent inspections performed by relevant responsible employees and by provision of appropriate personal protective equipment in accordance with established operational procedures and risk assessments.

In 2018 four accidents at work were recorded. These were the accidents on side of the Contractors. Accidents of their employees are subject to investigation, recording or registration of accident at work of the relevant Contractor in charge.


Nuclear Safety in 2018
In workplaces of company JAVYS, a. s., inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic performed 52 inspections, while 6 of these inspections were in cooperation with the IAEA. They were focused on the area of nuclear safety and radiation protection and during these inspections no shortcomings were found with regard to compliance with requirements resulting from the legal regulations and conditions resulting from the decisions of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic. Based on the results of inspections performed by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic, the regulator proposed recommendations, which were then adopted as tasks to be subsequently fulfilled.

In company JAVYS, a.s. during 2018, two insignificant operational failures were registered. Under the Atomic Act, these were not subject to notification to the regulatory authorities. Based on the international nuclear event scale (INES), these failures were classified at the level with no safety significance (outside the INES scale).

Mgr. Miriam Žiaková


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