JAVYS, a. s., accompanied by armed forces transported 144 spent nuclear fuel assemblies under strict safety conditions tonight.

Tonight (from the 19th to the 20th of August 2019) company JAVYS, a.s. (Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a.s.) successfully transported spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from Unit 2 of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Mochovce to the Interim Spent Fuel Storage (ISFS) of company JAVYS, a.s. in Jaslovské Bohunice under strict safety conditions, while being accompanied by armed forces.

144 fuel assemblies placed in special containers were transported by rail, while transport of spent nuclear fuel is subject to tough inspection regime and must comply with requirements of effective permits for handling and transport of spent nuclear fuel issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic. Inspectors of this authority and other regulatory authorities were in charge of direct supervisory activities connected with this transport.

Transport and storage of spent nuclear fuel is one of the activities JAVYS, a.s. is responsible for. The company is a holder of required permits from the regulatory authorities; it employs expert personnel and has means necessary to perform this activity carried out with maximal attention paid to the environment, while observing high level of nuclear safety.

In the Slovak Republic, Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a. s. (JAVYS) provides activities in the area of back end of the nuclear energy. Its key activities include decommissioning of A1 and V1 nuclear power plants, radioactive waste management, spent nuclear fuel management, management of institutional radioactive waste and collected radioactive materials in the territory of the Slovak Republic. In all its activities, company JAVYS, a. s. pays particular attention to safety, quality and environment protection.

Miriam Žiaková

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