Company JAVYS, a. s., reached a profit in 2022 despite the difficult economic situation, mainly thanks to foreign commercial projects, which are to be completed within a short time. Most of the profit will be paid by the company to the state budget as taxes and dividends.

In 2022, company JAVYS, a. s., reached a profit of €3.305 million, which represents a fulfilment of the plan at the level of 219%. The company achieved a positive economic result mainly due to the ongoing contracts with foreign companies in the field of commercial services to be finalized in the very near future.

For the year 2022, JAVYS paid the income tax in the amount of €3 million and has submitted an application to the shareholder for the payment of dividends to the state budget, approximately in the same amount as in the previous years. The successful continuation of the company's stable management was achieved thanks to the responsible executive decisions, savings, and adoption of a number of rationalization measures, despite the change in legislation, which prohibited our company from providing further commercial services to foreign partners and companies.

Company JAVYS, a. s., despite the afore-mentioned facts, incurred investment costs in the amount of €33.5 million in 2022 (in 2021 these costs amounted to €23.5 million) and, from its own resources, as a socially responsible company, implemented the project of collection and disposal of historical radioactive waste, which represented an environmental burden for the society with a possible impact on the health of the inhabitants in Slovakia.

Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a. s., (JAVYS, a. s.) ensures activities in the field of back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle in the Slovak Republic. Its main activities include the decommissioning of the A1 and V1 nuclear power plants, management of radioactive waste, spent nuclear fuel, institutional radioactive waste and collected radioactive material within the territory of the Slovak Republic. Company JAVYS pays particular attention to safety, quality and environmental protection in all its activities.

Miriam Žiaková

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