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Bohunice RAW Treatment Center


The facility is the main center of processing technologies, the final product of which is a fiber-reinforced concrete container.

The Bohunice RAW Treatment Centre comprises the following radioactive waste treatment and processing facilities: the solid RAW separation facility, the high-pressure press for reducing the volume of incombustible waste, the incineration facility reducing the volume of solid and liquid combustible RAW, the liquid RAW concentration facility and the cementation facility for reinforcement and stabilization of concentrated waste, other liquid RAW, solid reinforced waste and solid non-compressible waste. The final product of the whole radioactive waste treatment process are fiber-reinforced concrete containers filled with a cement mixture or with freely loaded solid waste poured-over with a cement mixture, ready for permanent storage in the National RAW Repository in Mochovce.

Solid and liquid RAW is incinerated at temperatures between 750–950°C in an incineration furnace. After draining, the ash, which is being produced during the combustion, is regularly processed, in the homogenizer, using the process of paraffinization, put into barrels, and afterwards transported to a high-pressure press, where it is compressed. The compacted product, which contains the ash, is then put into a fiber-reinforced container and poured over with cement, along with other solid RAW, at the cementation facility. Gaseous residue is further incinerated in a combustion chamber at temperatures of about 1,000 °C and then subsequently sharply cooled down, purified in a two-step washing process and finally filtered, using HEPA filters.

Compressible waste, enclosed in metal barrels, is transported from the separation facility to the high-pressure press. The compressed material is then put into fiber-reinforced concrete containers.

The liquid RAW volume can be reduced at the continuous-flow evaporation facility. In the evaporation process, the radioactivity of the liquid RAW keeps to the remaining thick residue — the concentrate. This is then treated at the cementation line.

The purpose of the cementation facility is the fixation of concentrates of used washing water from the incineration facility, radioactive sludge and absorbents. Moreover, it produces a cement mixture, which is poured into barrels filled with compressed material from the high-pressure press, inside the fiber-reinforced containers.

Among other things, the Bohunice RAW Treatment Center also comprises sorting lines, transportation systems, working medium securing systems, radiation control laboratory equipment, including monitoring systems.