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Technologies for treatment of used air-conditioning filters and used electric cabels

Processing of used HVAC filters
Technology for processing of HVAC (heat, ventilation and air-conditioning) filters from the HVAC systems of nuclear power plants is used in facility that crushes filters, separates magnetic and aluminium fragments from the crushed material, feeds and mixes chemicals to the crushed material. The resulting product is further processed by high pressure compacting or incineration in Bohunice RAW Treatment Facility.
Filters are crushed into smaller fractions with dimension of 40 mm x 40 mm in a dual rotor crusher. Using the vibration device to cut the fragments into separate pieces, these are transported under a metal magnetic parts separator, where the metal is separated and placed into 200 litre drums. The non-magnetic parts are transferred to a second crusher, where they are fragmented to 20 mm x 20 mm fractions. These are moved by a conveyor to an electrodynamic separator, where the aluminium-containing fractions are separated. These are placed into 200 litre drums.

Other components (filter fabrics, paper, plastics or wood) are further processed depending on the level of contamination. Components with higher contamination are homogenized using the antimicrobial additives and placed into 200 litre drums. They are then processed by high pressure compacting. Components with a lower level of contamination are sorted into combustible and non-combustible. The combustible ones are placed in PE bags and transported in 200 litre drums for incineration. The non-combustible pieces are processed similarly to components with higher contamination.

Processing of used electrical cables
Technology of crushing of used electrical cables includes the activities of manual decontamination, sorting, separation of external insulation, crushing and separation from recyclable non-ferrous metals. The aim of the decontamination process is to reduce the level of contamination of conductors below the limit for the release of metallic material into the environment. The resulting solid radioactive waste is further processed by high-pressure compacting or incineration in Bohunice RAW Treatment Facility.