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Waste Water Cleaning Station

Its purpose is to clean low-contamination waste water produced in the A1 NPP decommissioning process or the radioactive waste processing processes running at The Technology for the Processing and Treatment of RAW facilities.

Mechanically, chemically or radio-chemically contaminated water is being cleaned by evaporation in an evaporation boiler with an external heat source. The designed output of the evaporator is 1.5 m3/h of evaporated water, while the actual output depends on the actual composition of the water processed.

The emerged concentrate is subsequently cleaned by ion exchangers, until the specific activity of radionuclides in the condensate drops below limiting values for the reintroduction back to the environment. The thickened condensate is fed through a pipeline to the bitumenation facility, where it is solidified by stabilizing its salts, into a bitumenization matrix. The solid bituminized product is subsequently inserted into fiber- reinforced concrete containers, where it is sealed with a cement mixture and finally deposited at the National RAW Repository at Mochovce.