Javys, a.s.

Technologies for separation, fragmentation and decontamination of metallic RAW


A specialized workstation has been constructed to deal with the metallic materials from the former A1 NPP powerhouse. Metallic RAW is sorted according to intensity of contamination and according to the type of metallic RAW: carbon metals, high-grade steel and colored metals. Depending on the type, the size, the amount of contamination, the weight and the shape, the metallic RAW is fragmented, using thermal or mechanic methods, to a predetermined size and subsequently decontaminated by jet-blasting (dry method), or at a large volume decontamination line (wet method).

In each step of the sorting, fragmentation and decontamination, the processed RAW is continually monitored by dosimeters, thus providing a reading about the efficiency of the decontamination and securing the safety of the fragmentation, from a radiation safety perspective. The purpose of the fragmentation and the decontamination is to decontaminate the metallic waste to a level below the limits for reintroduction back into the environment. Metallic waste, which does not meet these requirements, is designated for re-melting.