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Project Changes and Reconstructions

The Initial Technological Improvements

Project Changes

The Initial Technological Improvements and Project Changes

  • the addition of shielding cartridges for decreasing the neutron flow in the reactor’s pressure vessel and the decreasing of the risk of brittle fracture of the pressure vessel,
  • the securing of super-emergency power supply for the most important safety systems,
  • the reconstruction and addition of operational computer systems and supplementation of parameter monitoring, in response of malfunctions,
  • the addition of diagnostic systems for the monitoring of the condition of the main components of the power plant.


Small Reconstruction

V1 NPP Modernization

The Most Important Performed Measures of the Minor Reconstruction

  • the annealing of the reactor’s pressure vessel of both units,
  • significant improvement of the tightness of hermetic areas,
  • increase in the reliability of the heat transport in the secondary circuit,
  • increase in performance of emergency power supply system of safety sections ,
  • seismic reinforcement of the primary circuit, safety systems, and buildings,
  • measures in sphere of fire prevention,
  • the installation of diagnostic systems, which were then recommended as an example for other nuclear power plants worldwide.


Gradual Reconstruction

V1 NPP Modernization

The Most Important Performed Measures of the Gradual Reconstruction

  • the system of safety valves and the relieving track of the volume compensator,
  • the system of super-emergency water feeding to the steam generators,
  • the system of atmospheric bypass stations of the steam generators,
  • the own consumption power supply system from the Madunice hydroelectric power plant,
  • the emergency cooling system of the reactor’s active zone and the spraying system,
  • the fire prevention system,
  • electro-technical systems,
  • the inspection and control system,
  • the accident containment system in the hermetic zone,
  • hermetic zone tightness and integrity, the filtered ventilation system,
  • hermetic zone firmness,
  • the essential technical water system,
  • air conditioning systems,
  • the seismic reinforcement of the facility.