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Project group:

A – Projects related to the V1 NPP operation termination
B – Documentation projects required for the decommissioning
C – Projects related to radioactive waste management
D – Projects related to decommissioning

Project status:
Project identification
Project identification Project name Project status
C12.1 Laboratory Equipment Necessary for the Process of V1 NPP Decommissioning Completed
C13 Disposal of Loose Radwaste Completed
C15-A Integrated computer system for V1 NPP decommissioning logistic system Completed
C15-B Transport and Packaging Forms for Decommissioning of V1 NPP – Stage 1 Completed
C16.1 Conditioning of Buffer Storage Areas Completed
C17.1 Building Conditioning – Premises for Technical Documentation Centre Completed
C7-A1 Feasibilty study of Treatment of Metallic waste & Procurement of portable fragmentation and decontamination equipment for metallic and building materials Completed
C7-A2 Increasing capacity of existing fragmentation and decontamination facilities Completed
C7-A3 Erection of the new large capacity F&D facility NPP V1 Completed
C7-A4 Metallic RAW Melting Facility Implementation
C7-B Treatment of Historical Waste – Sludges and Sorbents Completed
C7-C Rekonštrukcia BSC RAO Completed
C7-D1 Supply of One Double-Walled Transport Container for Concentrates Completed
C7-D2 Sampling, Analysis and Characterisation of “wet waste” Completed
C7-D3 Sampling, Analyses and Characterisation of Ra-Sediments in Storage Tanks Completed
C8 Interim storage of RAW at Bohunice Site Completed
C9.1 Feasibility Study Enlargement of the National Repository at Mochovce Completed
C9.4 Design and Erection of New Disposal Facilities for LLW and VLLW from V1 NPP Decommissioning at NRR Mochovce Completed
D0 Implementation of the Decommissioning Programme Using The Human Resources Available at Bohunice V1 Nuclear Power Plant Implementation
D1.1 Dismantling of insulation in V1 NPP Turbine Hall Completed