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Project group:

A – Projects related to the V1 NPP operation termination
B – Documentation projects required for the decommissioning
C – Projects related to radioactive waste management
D – Projects related to decommissioning

Project status:
Project identification
Project identification Project name Project status
D0 Implementation of the Decommissioning Programme Using The Human Resources Available at Bohunice V1 Nuclear Power Plant Implementation
D1.1 Dismantling of insulation in V1 NPP Turbine Hall Completed
D1.2 Dismantling of the Technical Equipment in the V1 NPP Turbine Hall Completed
D19.1 Upgrade of PMU Hardware Equipment Completed
D2 Decontamination of the Primary Circuit Completed
D2.1 Decontamination of Spent Fuel Pools and Other Contaminated Tanks in the V1 NPP – Part 1 Completed
D3.1A Dismantling and demolition of V1 NPP external buildings – Phase 1 Completed
D3.1B Dismantling and Demolition of V1 NPP Cooling Towers Completed
D3.2 Dismantling of Outdoor Not Contaminated Facilities and Objects Completed
D3.3 Dismantling of Electric Power Supply Systems Completed
D3.4 Diesel Group Dismantling Completed
D4.1 Modification of the Plant and Installation of New Equipment Implementation
D4.2 Dismantling of Reactor Coolant System Large Components Implementation
D4.3A Dismantling of Insulation in the V1 NPP Controlled Area Completed
D4.4A Auxiliary Buildings System Removal – Stage 1 Completed
D4.4B Dismantling of Systems in V1 NPP Controlled Area – Part 1 Implementation
D4.4C.01 Dismantling of Systems in V1 NPP Controlled Area – Part 2 Implementation
D7.1 Feasibility Study for the Management of V1 NPP Primary Circuit Components Completed